ONSeries Lisboa 2021 was born to support Portugal’s independent production industry and Portuguese-language content with the objective of making the talent and production companies behind Portuguese and Lusophone series better known internationally and to highlight the country’s impressive historical heritage along with its natural resources as a filming location.

ONSeries Lisboa

in the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB),
Lisbon (Portugal)


The two-day event brought a unique opportunity for all the participants to connect, exchange, create, and strengthen professional relationships around television fiction content. With a program focused on creativity, financing, co-production, distribution and unveiling the last trends, the attendees were also able to learn and broaden their horizons on the possibilities of the Portuguese industry and Portuguese speaking content.


Delegates coming from abroad had the opportunity to discover the growing and thriving Portuguese industry and talent. They got to know first-hand the last produced series, the brand-new projects with coproduction potential, the attractive facilities for shooting (cash rebate and locations) and the connections with Brazil and other Lusophone cultures.


ONSeries Lisboa offered Portuguese delegates a unique and in-house spot to meet international players, to whom they could pitch their projects, and where they could find new partners and close long-profitable agreements.



Find below the exclusive activities that took place at ONSeries Lisboa on 25 and 26 November 2021 (with an Opening Act on 24 November 2021):

ONShowcase (showcases)

ONKey Audiences & Trends (keynotes)

ONIdeas Contest (pitching session)

ONWork (workshops)

ONMatch (matchmaking)

ONDating (speed dating)

ONScreen (on-demand screening of the latest tv series)

ONPremiere (screening of tv series in Lisbon)


ONShowcase (showcases)

Meet the Portuguese Broadcasters, Streamers & Operators

As a growing and expanding market, Portugal’s audiovisual industry is in full ignition on the fiction series content and has very much to offer.

With this Showcase panel featuring the most important TV broadcasters, OTTs and operators in Portugal, dive deep into the present scene and catch a glimpse of what the next steps of the Portuguese audiovisual will be.

Makers of the next Portuguese stories

Portugal’s top producers and creative talents came together to reveal all their secrets.

In this panel we had the opportunity to discover the diaspora of Portuguese industry. After years of accumulated success with super hit novelas and internationally acclaimed and awarded arthouse cinema, they are also now producing numerous fiction series for local broadcasters and international platforms.

These brilliant talents and professionals are shaping Portugal’s and Lusophone television panorama and hold the key of the future fiction industry.


ONKey  Audiences & Trends (keynotes)

Do you need some insights on the Portuguese trends? This 30-minute keynote presentation revealed all the data on audiences, trends, upcoming series and TV movies, new formats, genres that will stand out, and a quick overlook on the international industry.


ONIdeas Contest (pitching session)

ONSeries Lisboa held the first international ONIdeas Contest for fiction series projects that have a strong link with Portugal or Lusophone cultures.

A Jury, composed of industry professionals has evaluated the projects and was responsible for the selection. The finalists projects were eligible for the RTP Award consisting of a development contract valued at 15.000€ and for the SIC Award consisting of a consultancy service valued at 10.000€. These projects were presented during the event, 25 and 26 November in the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), in Lisbon.

Check our rules here.


ONWork (workshops)

In our one-hour workshops, we’ve learnt  from several international experts while doing quality networking. See below for our most exclusive workshops.


Both talent and producers need to master the skill of pitching. This session was designed to prepare participants for their best pitch, with not only what should the pitch content be and what materials to use (bible, teaser, etc), but also how to state their position as a producer in the series when approaching investors, and the relevance of rhetoric, body movement and non-verbal communication.

2. SAVE YOUR IP! (in collaboration with GEDIPE&APIT)
This workshop addressed the usual problems and necessities of producers when co-producing or selling projects. A fundamental session to know how to keep your IP.

3. PUBLIC FUNDING: the Best and the New in Cash Rebates & Public Funds

PORTUGAL FILM COMMISSION: Shooting in Portugal comes with amazing benefits. Stunning locations and a great cash rebate. To learn the do’s and don’ts, timing, and conditions when applying for the Portuguese Cash Rebate. Can’t skip filming in Portugal!

EUROPA CREATIVE MEDIA: What’s new and how to apply for subsidies and funds from the new program 2021-2027.

ICA: To discover the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual and its funds to support the development of cinematographic and audiovisual activities, from the creation to the dissemination and national and international circulation of works, fostering the emergence of new values.

4. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY: Financing your projects without losing your mind

A workshop to explore the different options you can approach when faced with the Herculean task of financing a project. An international expert advised on the best routes that different projects should try and the tools to reach for your own Himalaya climbing.


Are you afraid of being cancelled by a flood of fierce raging fans?  Adapting a book for the tv screen is somewhat of a challenge.  This workshop dealt with the usual problems and many more unexpected issues that arise when adapting sensitive well-known material into a tv series.

8. AN INTERNATIONAL MARRIAGE TV STORY: how to work together on an international tv series without getting lost along the way

This workshop focused on how different international players have gotten a collaboration with such high-stakes to work. Speakers discussed what the main difficulties are, what to focus on and how to avoid a crisis when you want to get an international series produced.


ONMatch (matchmaking)

Matches made in television heaven. Our human (not robot yet) team did some matchmaking with the best potential partners attending the event. These short private meetings between investors and industry took place at CCB, every day for 120’. These reunions allowed both parties to present their projects, ask questions, reach agreements and make lifelong bonds.

ONDating (speed dating)

Still haven’t found your match? Our speed dating sessions were designed to find exactly what you’re looking for.

A 60’ speed dating session for producers to meet some of the most talented professionals in the Portuguese industry.

2. GAP FINANCING for nearly financed projects
A 60’ speed dating session to link international broadcasters and distributors with producers with projects  lacking just the last financial push.


ONScreen (on-demand screening of latest tv series)

Did you miss the last Portuguese tv series? ONSeries offers you a space where you can watch all of the latest releases from Portugal’s main broadcasters. The series are available both online and on-site, only for accreditation holders. ONScreen is the place to see them all.

Access with accreditation only.


ONPremiere (screening of tv series in Lisbon)

Give yourself a red-carpet treatment with the most exclusive premieres of the upcoming Portuguese tv fiction just fresh out of the editing room!



With almost 270 million portugese speakers, it’s no wonder why Portugal’s audiovisual market is in full bloom.

More than 200 companies are related to fiction content production, and more than 1240 hours per year are produced by independent companies and aired in linear channels in a country of only 10,3 inhabitants.

So far in 2021 alone, 11 new series have premiered, and this figure could almost double by the end of the year due to the number of series that are awaiting premiere and/or finalizing their production.

New partnerships are rapidly arising with streamers and other international players and the race to find original talent to add to these services has already begun.

Co-productions have been increasing each year and have become one of the most successful growth opportunities. In fact, co-production treaties have been signed with more than 60 countries.

Also, Portugal has recently introduced a very competitive 30% Cash Rebate system which applies to film, audiovisual and VOD Productions, from which more and more international productions are benefiting each year.

Come to ONSeries Lisboa to help grow your productions, find the freshest talents, meet your new partners and build the next global success stories.

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